Thirty years ago, a young man with the spirit of freedom coursing through his veins wanted to break away from it all. He picked up his bike and rode down the coastline of India. Down the east coast from Puri to the southernmost tip of India, Kanyakumari. And then up the West Coast to Goa. Sleeping in a tent at times, but most times just on the sand under the stars and moonlight. In search of the best beaches India had to offer. When he reached the beaches North of Mangalore he was awestruck by the raw beauty of them. He lingered on these beaches. Swimming, fishing, snorkelling. Eating sea food straight out of the ocean, believing he had found heaven on earth.

And then life took him on it’s usual path. With career, jobs, travel. The beach that he’d seen haunted him. So when he was done with life’s mundane journey, he returned with his savings in his pocket and set up his abode on the beach.

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